My pink bike

One day I borrowed JK’s bike to go back to school to join in on some sporting fun and discovered a whole new world (yes, Aladdin and Jasmine were basically on their magic carpet ride beside me singing the song along with me). The convenience and speed offered by the bicycle cut my travel time to and from school usually by more than half (walking = 20-25 minutes while biking = 7-10 minutes). I was initially scared to purchase a bike since the Beijing traffic and road rules (that are nonexistent) would mean that I had to literally fend for myself despite the “right of way” and blending into the pack of bikes. But after this one ride, all my troubles and worries quickly faded away as I looked to a whole new world of possibilities. Since I was also looking forward to all the different sporting activities that people set up every day (soccer, basketball, volleyball, and badminton) I was ready to take the leap and get myself a bike. Despite not being particularly fond of the color pink, this particular bike was basically calling my name as I walked up to the little rundown hut on campus that was selling used bikes. Everything from the size to the feel to the quality was just right when I tested it out and I bought the bike on the spot for 150 kuai (including a bike-lock, which is absolutely necessary considering the bike thefts that happen every single day).

Gotta love the bike! ❤ 😀



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